Movies of the Month

Happy Sunday! Today I thought I would introduce a new series that I want to do on my blog called, "Movies of the Month". If you know me, you'd know that I LOVE movies and watch a good handful every month. I am also pretty critical of movies, so only the best of the best make an impression on me. I thought that this series would be a great way to keep you all updated on what I'm watching (and loving) without dedicating entire full-length reviews to every movie. Here are my October movie favorites:

1. Searching (2018)

Unless you live in a cave, it's probably no surprise to you that Searching was a huge hit at the box office, for good reason. With a whopping 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, this film delivers suspense, action, mystery, and more. The plot was beautifully developed and leaves you feeling completely satisfied. On top of that, John Cho's performance was phenomenal. Although I'm sure that this movie's themes of parental love resonated with a lot of people, seeing Cho's performance onscreen reminded me of my own parents especially, and that's what made the film truly special to me.

2. Resolution (2012) and The Endless (2017)

I grouped these two movies together because their pairing and connection to each other are really what make these standalone films shine. These two movies, though not direct sequels, operate within the same universe and are both directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Scott Moorhead. They're both science fiction "horror" films, and I put "horror" in quotation marks because they're actually not scary. And I don't mean that in a "I don't get scared easily" type of way, but rather that these movies are more in the thriller genre rather than horror.

There's not much I can say about these movies without spoiling their premise, so I'll just describe them in brief. Resolution is about a guy named Mike who ties up his friend, Chris, in a cabin in an attempt to get him sober, until weird things start happening to them. The Endless is about two brothers, Justin and Aaron, who revisit a cult that they had escaped as young adults, until, alas, weird things start happening to them as well.

I highly highly highly (!!!) recommend these films. They're mind-blowing. Think The Prestige, think Memento, think Inception, think Donnie Darko. If you liked any of these films, you'll like Resolution and The Endless. One VERY important thing, though: watch Resolution first. I promise you that The Endless will be 1000x better if you watch Resolution first. Also, The Endless is on Netflix.

What movies are you currently loving? Leave a comment below!

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