Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette Review

During the Sephora VIB Sale, I was able to pick up the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette. Keep reading to hear my review on it!

Let's start with the basics. This palette retails for $65 and comes with 18 shadows, half of which are matte and half of which are shimmer/foiled shadows. Packaging: I like how sleek the packaging is, but I actually prefer the old packaging with the clear cover. I thought it was unique and it gave me z-palette vibes, which I thought was really cool.

Now on to the quality. Let's start with my initial thoughts when I first received this palette. When I received the palette, nearly all of the shimmer shades were indented! I thought I was crazy, but I checked the reviews online and alas, my suspicions were correct. Everyone else had received indented shadows as well. I believe this is due to how the shadows were pressed, and I suspect that the shadows are hollow in the middle causing them to sink in. Not a good sign.

Hollowed shimmer shadows

Let's discuss colors. At first glance, this is a beautiful palette. However, I will say that I wish there was a lighter transition shade for the crease. The lightest brown, "Sandalwood", shows up pretty dark on my skin tone. This brings me to my next point: the colors actually perform darker than they look in the pan. They're still beautiful colors, but I just wish they showed up brighter/more true to how they look in the pan. With all that said, this is a dramatic palette, so you can't expect to create fresh, day-time looks with a palette that's obviously meant to be more smoky and intense (although I feel that adding in a lighter transition shade would've completely allowed the palette to be used in that way).

Now, let's discuss formula. I think one of the biggest complaints about the original palette was fall-out, and I will say that that's less of an issue with this palette. The mattes in this palette were fine -- nothing bad, nothing special. However, they don't blend out *super* effortlessly. They're not necessarily HARD to blend out, but they don't blend themselves out, either. I find this to be the case with most Huda shadows I've used, so it's definitely not something unique to this palette. Most Huda shadows I've used are a bit on the dryer side, while I prefer my shadows to be more of a wet, creamy formula. It's not a deal-breaker, but at this point, there are so many eyeshadows that literally blend themselves that I'm so picky with how much effort I need to blend an eyeshadow. We're so spoiled now.

The shimmers, on the other hand, are a completely different story. I'm sure that most of you purchased this palette because of the shimmers. Let's be honest, they are the star of the show. That's why it pains me to say that they were a huge disappointment. They were not very pigmented, and many shadows had more glitter than pigment. They were completely underwhelming on the eyes and lacked the vibrancy and intensity that a foiled shadow should have. Plus, I find that you still have to use your fingers to get the best color pay-off with these shadows, and that was the whole point of remaking this palette!!!

My final thoughts: skip this palette. If the price point were lower, MAYBE it would be worth it. However, I'm positive you can find these colors in other palettes and single shadows. In fact, I went through each shade and could instantly think of a shadow that would give me the same effect. Plus, buying this palette just doesn't sit right with me because of how shady this whole ordeal seems. There was so much controversy when this palette launched because it seemed like a money grab, and the palette having this many issues just seems to confirm that. The whole point of recreating a palette is to make it BETTER, with no if's, and's, or but's. It's clear to me that Huda Beauty knew that they had an amazing concept (who doesn't love rose gold?!) and wanted to profit off of that with little regard for the actual product. All I have to say is, do better, Huda Beauty.

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