Holiday Gift Guide: 2018

Can't figure out what to get your significant other or that person in the office that you got for Secret Santa? Here's a comprehensive holiday gift guide filled with easy, fool-proof gifts for just about anyone in your life.

(Note: I didn't include any makeup in this holiday gift guide because there are endless gift possibilities for makeup/skincare. If you'd like to see some of my makeup favorites, check out my monthly favorites, my Sephora VIB recommendations, or my post on the best holiday sets at Sephora.)

For the techie in your life... Apple Watch

Starting off with the most expensive item on this list, an Apple Watch is such a great, quality investment for a gift. Because it has so many great features, it's perfect for anyone -- whether that person wants to step up their fitness game or limit the need to check their phone (my boyfriend loves how he can stay in the loop at work without pulling out his phone), an Apple Watch is one of those things you don't need... until you do. I gave my boyfriend an Apple Watch for our anniversary last year, and it feels good knowing that I got him something that he uses everyday!

For the kid at heart... Nintendo Switch

My boyfriend and I got a Nintendo Switch a few months ago, and ever since we got it, we've been playing it every night, sharing it with our friends and family, bringing it on trips, and even playing it during kickbacks. I love how portable and user-friendly it is, and there's nothing like the nostalgia of classic games like Mario Kart and Mario Party. With all your friends and family coming together this holiday season, this game is the perfect thing to whip out at the next family dinner or friendsgiving. It's a console that was designed very well and that is perfect for anyone of any age.

For the lover of all cute things...Stuffed Animals

I don't care what you say... everyone loves a cute stuffed animal. Tsum Tsums are perfect for anyone who loves Disney. These food stuffed animals from Yummy World are also a fun option. Lastly, I recently discovered the SOFTEST and CUTEST stuffed animals EVER. These Squishmallows live up to their name: they truly feel like hugging a giant (and cute) marshmallow. All of these stuffed animals are great options because you can customize your gift to the person's likes and interests, such as their favorite animal, food, or Disney movie.

For the anemic girl in your life... Heated Blanket

If there's someone in your life that is perpetually cold (like me), a heated blanket is a must. Especially since we're in the winter months, a heated blanket is something that you'll use all the time, whether at night or when you're lounging on the couch watching TV. I gifted this to my grandma one year because it's such a practical and user-friendly gift.

For the guy you got for Secret Santa but don't really know that well... Hydroflask

I've never met anyone who DOESN'T love their Hydroflask ("yes, it stays cold all day!"). This gift is great for anyone who needs to step up their water game or that person who always carries a gallon of water with them. Like the heated blanket, this gift is perfect for anyone, which makes it the perfect gift for those people in your life who you aren't quite sure what to get or for games like Secret Santa and White Elephant.

For the avid music listener... Airpods

No holiday gift guide would be complete without these babies that everyone and their mamas have been sporting. AirPods are the PERFECT gift for anyone in your life. They are so useful and you truly do use them practically everyday. My boyfriend gifted me AirPods for my birthday and now I can't live without them -- damn you, Apple. If someone in your life needs bluetooth headphones, I'd definitely go with AirPods.

For the fashionista... Sunglasses

Although this holiday gift guide features mostly generic gifts that are perfect for anyone, I wanted to include something that may be more tailored to the person's personality. If there's someone in your life who loves fashion, but you don't want to go through the hassle of picking out a piece of clothing for them, sunglasses are a great, safe bet that they're guaranteed to love. There are a ton of great, affordable options from Quay (my personal favorites are Farrah and My Girl) and Thomas James LA (formerly Perverse). Of course, you can't go wrong with a trusty pair of Ray-Bans; the Aviator, Clubmaster, and Round Metal pairs are classic silhouettes that will never go out of style.

For the reader in your life... Kindle

Every year, I have at least one person in my life who I gift a kindle to, which is why it's included in this holiday gift guide. If there's anyone in your life who loves to read, a kindle is an absolute must. It's extremely lightweight and portable and makes reading so much easier. A kindle is also one of those things that definitely give you a bang for your buck; it's an item you'll get so much use out of for a relatively affordable price.

For the wannabe-Gordon Ramsay... Cooking Appliances

I joked to my boyfriend that all I wanted for my birthday was a nonstick cooking pan. Seriously, though, you know you're officially an adult when you get excited about new cookware. Cooking appliances are a great gift for anyone in their twenties. Everyone loves a good toaster oven, and there are plenty of affordable ones on the market. Or, a good blender is perfect for anyone who wants to step up their smoothie game. Espresso machines = best gift for the coffee addict in your life. Lastly, an Air Fryer is a game changer for anyone who wants quick, easy, oil-free and hassle-free meals.

For the photo-lover... Polaroid

Actually proven scientific fact: photos are 10x cuter when they're in polaroid format. I think that everyone should have some sort of Polaroid printing device because they make for great memories. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera is a popular option, but I also recommend the Fujifilm Instax Photo Printer if you want to get more use out of it.

For anyone, really... Smart Home Device

A smart home device is a fool-proof gift for just about anyone in your life. In fact, last year when I played White Elephant with my friends, 4 different people brought an Echo! I know so many people in my life who use their smart home device daily, whether it be to check the weather or play music. With so many great options, it's easy to pick a device that does just what you need.

What did you think of this holiday gift guide? Comment below what you'd love to get for the holidays!


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