Beauty Review: Fenty Beauty FlyLiner

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Liquid eyeliner is one of those makeup items that I am a bit more hesitant to venture into. I personally don’t feel the need to try and have different liquid eyeliners from different brands once I’ve found one that works for me. For me, that has always been the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. This is my all-time favorite liquid eyeliner and I will probably never replace it. However, I decided to try the Fenty Beauty Flyliner because I was able to get a trial size. Keep reading to hear my review!

The Fenty Beauty Flyliner is a felt-tip liquid eyeliner that retails for $20, which is comparable to other liquid eyeliners sold at Sephora from brands such as Kat Von D and Stila, most notably. Long story short: I love this product. It is easy to use, bold and intense, long-wearing, and water-resistant. The pen glides smoothly over your lids and doesn’t drag or pull your skin.

Fenty Beauty FlyLiner

However, when you’re on the market for a good/new liquid eyeliner, I find that it is most helpful to make comparisons between products rather than just stating each product’s standalone qualities. The liquid eyeliners sold at Sephora are so comparable (you’re not necessarily going to find drastic variations between products in that one product is a godsend and another is absolute crap) that I find that comparisons between products, rather than just reviewing products on their own, are ultimately most useful for making decisions for product choices. So, I’m going to compare the Flyliner to Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner, since it’s such a popular product (with myself and with others/the beauty community at large).

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Troopa

I find that each product has one strength over the other. For the Fenty Beauty Flyliner, I find it to be more intense, bold, and long-wearing than Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner. Flyliner is a hair blacker than Tattoo Liner, doesn’t fade as much throughout the day, and takes slightly more effort to remove at the end of the day. The extra effort it takes to remove Flyliner isn’t enough for it to be a con because it is still easy to remove, but it is enough to prove its extra staying power over the Tattoo Liner. The Flyliner is so bold and intense that when I use it to go over my water line, I merely have to graze over my eyelid to get an opaque black; I don’t have to go over it at all.

However, I find that Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner is more precise. I find that I’m better able to create a sharp wing and tip with the Tattoo Liner, possibly because of its brush tip. I find the Flyliner to create thicker brush strokes. For me, since I’m comfortable with the Tattoo Liner, and since I value precision more than intensity and staying power, I will probably be sticking with my Tattoo Liner. However, on days where I want the intensity and staying power, I will probably draw my wing with my Tattoo Liner and then fill the rest of it in with my Flyliner.

In sum, both products are very good, and will deliver the necessities when it comes to liquid eyeliner: color pay-off, ease of use, staying power, transfer-proof, etc. Each product slightly edges out the other in different categories – intensity/staying power versus precision – and it all comes down to your preference. Plus, this isn’t to say that where one product is inferior it is completely lacking; the Tattoo Liner is still intense and long-wearing, just not AS much as the Flyliner, and the Flyliner is still precise, just not AS much as the Tattoo Liner. You can definitely make each product work; if I want my liner to stay all day, for example, I will probably just use the Flyliner and spend an extra minute to make sure my wing looks sharp.

What's your favorite liquid eyeliner?

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